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Why does everyone know a lot about Italy and nothing or very little about the Island of Sardinia which is an italian island? Ask your friends if they can find Sardinia on a world map. Most likely, half of them won’t be able to do this. From time to time we hear from the news reports that Silvio Berlusconi goes on vacation to his villa in the island of Sardinia. Sometimes in gossip magazines we find pictures of worldwide known movie stars or sport celebrities spending their vacations in Sardinia. Such news make us think that getting on this island is something really expensive and that an average person cannot afford it. The reason for this is because these “VIPS” mainly spend their time and money on the Emerald Coast. This is indeed a place for wealthy people but it is only a very small part of this beautiful island. Sardinia has a lot more to offer then the Emerald Coast.

The island of Sardinia is one of those places where rich and average class people co-exist perfectly. People of art, famous writers, artists, poets came to Sardinia years ago to get inspiration from the remarkable beauty of the island and simple life with good food and wine. Today the demands are higher and certain parts of the island of Sardinia have turned into glamorous elite resorts. Though everyone that comes to the island of Sardinia enjoys nice quiet beaches with white sand, emerald colours and incredible transparency of the sea, the hospitality of local inhabitants, nice hotels, golf courses, yachts, fresh and delicious food, good wine and the gorgeous nature of Sardinia. All these will definitely improve your health. It is not by chance that the island of Sardinia has one of the highest longevity in the world.

In the past the island was not ready to face mass tourism due to bad infrastructures and low level of services. Today everything has changed. The infrastructure of the island of Sardinia has improved tremendously, many roads, hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs have been built. There are many low-cost direct flights to Sardinia from various european cities offered by Ryanair, EasyJet airlines.

What else is the island of Sardinia today? The island of Sardinia today is a EU region with an economy mainly driven by tourism and agriculture. Sardinia is famous for producing exceptional cheeses and wines. Tuna (bluefin) from the island of Sardinia is exported worldwide.

Over the past 20 years, the isolation of the island has become less apparent, largely thanks to the promotion of low rates on air transportation and advanced information technology. The island of Sardinia was the first region of Italy that has switched to a new standard of television broadcasting. On November 1, 2008 all TV stations in Sardinia broadcast only in digital format.

There are 3 international airports in Sardinia: Fertilia airport in Alghero, Costa Smeralda airport in Olbia and Elmas airport in Cagliari. They connect the island of Sardinia with the main Italian and European cities. Olbia is a headquarter of Meridiana airlines founded by Prince Aga Khan in 1963. Also a large number of companies engaged in passenger transport by sea operates on the island. Passenger vessels can get you by sea to France, Spain and mainland of Italy. Travelling by ferry boats is very popular in the island of Sardinia due to a great opportunity to bring a car with you.

The island is small but fascinating for its unique natural beauty. Granite rocks, preserved flora and fauna, the unique sea view with waters changing their colour in the palette from emerald green to dark blue, snow-capped mountains, green hills covered with megalithic cone-shaped structures, semi-tropical fishing villages – this is only a little part of what Sardinia looks like. The island of Sardinia is surrounded by beautiful beaches. In 1920 writer Gerbert Lawrence travelled to Sardinia and in his novel "The Sea and Sardinia” he wrote the following words about the island:" This is a place on earth that has remained out of time and history." Today, almost a century later, this statement is still true. Of course, modern civilization has brought its changes, but the natural beauty of the island of Sardinia has remained largely untouched. Low population density and various regional environmental laws allow to preserve a unique landscape of Sardinia.

Mass tourism of Europeans to the island of Sardinia began in 1970, shortly after Prince Aga Khan built up the north-eastern part of the island, known as Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast), a heaven for the elite. However, for most tourists from all world continents, Sardinia is still a virgin territory.

Sardinian cuisine is diverse and unique. Seafood has an incredible taste (shrimp, lobster, squid, tuna, mussels, etc.). However, a typical dish for holidays is roasted pig or boar, and fava beans cooked in various ways. Such herbs as mint and myrtle are frequently used in cooking. But even the simplest things like tomatoes or carrots have an incredibly fresh taste. It’s no wonder Sardinian tomatoes are sold all over Italy.

The average lifetime of the local population is 81 years. But many have already exceeded the 100 years barrier. They say that even coming to the island of Sardinia for a week, you prolong your life.

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